It’s that time of year again. The Steam summer sale is in full force and with it a new way to obtain trading cards. This time around there is a minigame called Monster. In it you attack monsters using clicks. The faster you click the faster you deal out damage. I first started clicking manual, but quickly wore myself out. Then I had an idea. What if I use a script to click for me? The following is the result.

Auto Clicker

Below is a shell script to click about every 0.001 seconds for a total of 10,000 clicks. The script uses xdotool so make sure you install it on your system first.

You can either copy the text and save as a .sh yourself or click the link at the bottom of the code block to download it from github.

The way I use it is to cue up the command to start it: bash, then hover over the game and press [Enter]. In this way I do not accidently click anything but the game.

You can adjust the number in [ $COUNTER -lt 10000 ] to whatever you would like. It represents how many total clicks to iterate through. Adjusting sleep 0.001s changes time between clicks in seconds. I have found that 0.001s is fairly stable and does not fill my memory causing Steam to crash, but 0.0001s and 0.00001s get progressively worse. To me 0.001s is the sweet spot, but I may kick it up for bosses when there is major gold to be made.

Happy gaming!

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this post, let me know on twitter so I know to keep writing these types of things up.