This is in response to a post by pjhooker on reddit. S/he wrote an interesting article advocating the use of maps by your average everyday blogger, not just the tech savvy or map-centric ones. I think this a cool idea, but the method they suggest may still be too technical for some. Enter in my alternative. Embedded Google Maps. No, they are not as fancy with features like markers and polygons, but they are still very useful. Besides if you want custom features, it’s not all that difficult to use google my maps and use the same embedding technique shown here.

What it looks like:

How to do it:

First open google maps and navigate to the area of interest. For this demonstration I chose Milan, Italy. Then click on the menu icon in the top left.

Next click on “Share or embed map”:

Then click on the embed map tab:

Lastly copy the iframe code snippet and paste into a blog post, webpage, or wherever you want to share the map.

I hope this helps non-coders to easily share maps online. If you have any questions, just shoot me a message on twitter or by email. Peace out.